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Dear John Cena Hater-

Thank you for buying the “Cena Sucks” t-shirt. By buying this shirt to voice your displeasure for Mr. Cena, you have added to his substantial bank account. See, despite you wanting to rebel against WWE’s so-called “Superman,” you have responded exactly as the company wanted you too. You anti-authority rebels, who boo Cena religiously because you’re sick of him being shoved down your throats are so busy patting yourselves on the back that you haven’t realized that you are eating out of the palm of the WWE. They WANT that reaction. Hell, heels on the show have been trying to get you to boo Cena as of late and you’re all too quick to oblige. You, the smart fans, are oblivious to everything going on around you.

So keep booing Cena. Keep buying the t-shirt. And know that by doing so, you’re no longer the cool, outcast fans. You’re the idiots that were too blind to see that you were being used for your reaction. Have fun watching Cena’s latest push. I know I will.


                                                                                                                                      The Idiot Watcher

And he wasn’t trying to buy Atlantic Avenue.

We have all been to Walmart. To say the employees there are not the most aware and/or intelligent men and women in the world would be an understatement the size of Jennifer Lopez’s ass. But even the most unaware ignoramous wouldn’t fall for a million dollar bill.

The worst part? He was trying to buy a vaccuum and a microwave.

Really? You’re going to risk becoming known, for the rest of your life, as one of the biggest idiots in the history of mankind for a microwave and a vaccuum? And exactly what change did you think you were getting back? Orange $500s? Blue $50s? How about a few thousand in pink $100s?

The idiot is being held on $17,500 bond.

When reached for comment, the local police would only say he did not pass go, nor did he collect $200.

I’ve heard of guys paying for female services but this is ridiculous.

According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian spent the New Year’s Eve at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas, dancing and interacting with guest, while being paid, wait for it…SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

$60,000…as in a six and four zeros. My head hurts.

Kim is not to blame. The owner(s) of the TAO nightclub are, however. There is no way to justify paying sixty-grand to a celebrity to come dance and party for a few hours at their establishment. I mean, is anyone REALLY sure how Kim Kardashian and her family became celebrities anyway?

At least Bruce Jenner has an Olympic gold medal. Does Kris? How about Khloe and Kourtney? And what is with the obsessive need to have the letter “K” start each of the kids’ names?

TAO could have given me the $60,000. At least I would have gotten naked.