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And he wasn’t trying to buy Atlantic Avenue.

We have all been to Walmart. To say the employees there are not the most aware and/or intelligent men and women in the world would be an understatement the size of Jennifer Lopez’s ass. But even the most unaware ignoramous wouldn’t fall for a million dollar bill.

The worst part? He was trying to buy a vaccuum and a microwave.

Really? You’re going to risk becoming known, for the rest of your life, as one of the biggest idiots in the history of mankind for a microwave and a vaccuum? And exactly what change did you think you were getting back? Orange $500s? Blue $50s? How about a few thousand in pink $100s?

The idiot is being held on $17,500 bond.

When reached for comment, the local police would only say he did not pass go, nor did he collect $200.

Have you ever read an article online or in a newspaper and thought to yourself, “what kind of idiot does that?”

So have I.

Here at Idiot Watching, I look at the day’s news and do not hesitate to call out the everyday men, women, celebrities, athletes, and politicians caught doing or saying something stupid. In a world with the media spotlight is as bright as it has ever been, it is inevitable that someone, somewhere, will be caught doing something stupid. This is the place that does not hesitate in making fun of them.

A politician forgets the legal voting age in the United States? Check. Reality television celebrity gets married and divorced in the span of seventy-two days? Yep, you’ll see him/her here. High-profile athlete cheats on his wife? And again? And again? And again, times thirty? You KNOW he will be here.

So save yourself the trouble of sifting through the politically-correct B.S. on other major media outlets. Idiot Watching has you covered in all things international, national, and local stupidity.