I hate Justin Bieber

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Celebrities
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There is nothing on the planet more nausiating than listening to Justin Bieber sing. And it has nothing to do with his complete and utter lack of talent. There have been plenty of musicians with no talent that have hit it big and made millions of dollars because of it.

No, my disdain for Justin Bieber has to do the content of his music. If I have to listen to him sing about “never say never” or overcoming obstacles while “growing up,” I may punch MYSELF in the face. Allow me to address young Justin man-to-boy:

Listen to me, you little troll. You are 17 YEARS OLD. The only adversity you have faced is deciding which Abercrombie sweatshirt to put on in the morning and whether or not you’ll wear your hair to the left or right. Stop trying to be gangster. Take the accent out of your voice. You’re a white boy from Canada with no discernable talent other than your ability to flash a smile and make little girls scream. The obstacles that you have overcome are nothing compared to what the kids that listen to your garbage have to overcome on a daily basis. So the next time you want to write a song about how resiliant you are or how you accomplished your dream through hard work, think about the factory worker dads and the multiple-job moms that fork over money to pay for your crappy CD. You can chew on that while spending millions and macking on Selena Gomez, now that you’ve “overcame the odds” and “never said never.”

Do I expect Justin Bieber to read a blog by some twenty-something slacker from Pennsylvania?  No. But I sure as hell feel better getting that off my chest.

Rant over.

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